Class Outline


In the TFH class, students will work in pairs; learn how to muscle test for imbalances; they will discover how to use massage, acupressure, meridian energy tracing, and how to apply knowledge of the organ metaphors to balance the body.


Touch for Health Introductory 4 Hour Class

1) Origin of the Touch For Health Wellness Model and its Relationship to Positive Psychology

2) Using Meridian Shower Technique to Instantly Boost Your Energy

3) Muscle Testing and 4 Muscle Facilitation Strengthening Methods to Balance the Body

4) Basic Posture Analysis and 14 Muscle Posture Balance Demonstration

5) E.S.R. (Emotional Stress Release Technique) combined with Muscle Testing

6) Auricular Energy . . .

7) Simple Pain Relief Methods- feathering for muscle spasms and neurolymphatic massage

8) Increase Your State of Health, happiness and success consciousness through daily rituals using TFH

9) Help your friends and family members


Touch for Health Full One Day Class - 8 Hours

1) Wellness Model/Positive Psychology & History of TFH

2) Meridians and Yin/Yang Principle/Suble Energy, Chi, Ki, Prana

3) Accurate Muscle Testing

4) 14 Muscle Goal Balance and Organ Metaphors

5) Muscle Correction Procedures and 14 Basic Muscle Tests

6) Bilateral Muscle Weakness Technique

7) How to Coach Another Person to Balance You

8) Increase your state of health and happiness through daily habits/rituals using TFH

9) Learn to help your friends and family members to maintain better health through TFH